People call me "Deadman" and this page documents the thoughts, musings and photos of a 38 year old clinically depressed and anxiety ridden male who seeks happiness and purpose within the confines of life but somehow still manages to laugh and be silly along the way. I'm a NY Rangers Fanatic, Star Trek Nerd, Star Wars Admirer, DC Comics Follower, Zombie Apocalypse Expert, Type O Negative and Alice Cooper Disciple, Atheist with wiccan tendencies and Lover of All Boobs. Now that the introductions have taken place feel free to speak up, ask a question or just say Hi. Random boob photos are always accepted and very much appreciated but not required :-P

8th September 2014



Not doing very well these days 😫😖😫😖

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31st July 2014

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Totally making this in to a T-shirt lol

Totally making this in to a T-shirt lol

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21st June 2014

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Rant #257

Dude, I am happily and readily available to everyone I know to help out with whatever they may need in there life, both physically and emotionally but the one weekend I need to be a little selfish and alone EVERYONE has shit they need done and expect me to help. Well feel free to FUCK RIGHT OFF!! I’ve fought soooo Fucking hard to still be a nice, giving,helpful and caring person and not give in to my depression and anxiety and you all choose this weekend, MY WEEKEND to start shit?? I have classes coming up, Classes that if I follow though with them could be very productive and profitable for my entire future. The least you people can do, knowing that I have serious anxiety issues is give me a little fucking space to breathe and work through this shit. The consequences if I get overwhelmed and drop out of this class are IMMEASURABLE. I am not exaggerating, I probably relapse and end up in a fucking hospital from a suicide attempt or at least for serious thoughts of suicide. I lose everything. HAVE A 3RD OF THE EMPATHY AND UNDERSTANDING THAT I HAVE HAD FOR ALL OF YOU. BE THE QUALITY OF FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER I HAVE BEEN TO YOU AND GIVE ME SOME MOTHER FUCKING SPACE PLEEEEEASE!!!!

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30th May 2014

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Soooo…… did a little shopping today *evil laugh*

Soooo…… did a little shopping today *evil laugh*

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19th May 2014

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25th April 2014


Still weird

It’s game 4 of the 2013 -14 Stanley Cup Playoffs vs the Flyers and it still hasn’t sunk in that Martin St Louis is a New York Ranger.

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15th January 2014

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8th January 2014


I don’t know why i feel such an intense sense of pride and satisfaction over a perfectly organized and aligned TiVo Season Pass list but I do. 63 shows in perfect order of importance and priority. All is good in my world. On a Side note: My apologies to Bret Michaels “Rock my RV” on the Travel channel for having the dreaded #63 spot.

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31st December 2013

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31st December 2013

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